Guruvayoorappante Aanakal | A rare experience not to be missed


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Guruvayurdevaswom – List of Elephants
1. Padmanabhan
2. Ramankutty
3. Narayanankutty
4. Thara
5. Radhakrishnan
6. Junior Lakshmanan
7. Nandini
8. Gopalakrishnan
9. Kannan
10. Krishnan
11. Madhavankutty
12. Devi
13. Sathyanarayanan
14. Vishnu
15. Rajasekharan
16. Ramu
17. Kesavankutty
18. Gopeekrishnan
19. Vinayakan
20. Kesavan
21. Achuthan
22. Sreedharan
23. Chandrasekharan
24. Indersen
25. Nandan
26. Lakshmikrishna
27. Sankaranarayanan
28. Balu
29. Madhavan(junior)
30. Devadas
31. Gopeekannan
32. Resmi
33. Balakrishnan
34. Junior Vishnu
35. Murali
36. Vineethkrishnan
37. Ravikrishnan
38. Sidharthan
39. Mukundan
40. Navaneethkrishnan
41. Junior Kesavan
42. Balaram
43. Krishna
44. Junior Achuthan
45. Chenthamarakshan
46. Akshaykrishnan
47. Krishnanarayanan
48. Gokul
49. Sheshadri
50. Gajendra
51. Peethambaran
52. Damodardas
53. Keerthi
54. Aadhithyan
55. Lakshminarayanan
56. Sreekrishnan
57. Ananthanarayanan
58. Ayyappankutty

Punnathur Kotta (Anakkotta)

Most of the people like elephants. The best place to watch elephants may be the forests. But it has its own risks and also the uncertainty elements. The Punnathur Kotta near Guruvayur offers you the view of 50 plus elephants, many of them treated as the best among the Indian elephants.
Unfortunately, the photography is now not allowed. Earlier they used to allow still cameras with additional charges. There could be elephants with musth ( madam as called in Malayalam). Those could be dangerous. But no threat for the visitors unless they break the rules and go near the elephants.
During festival season, you may miss the big elephants like Guruvayur Padmanabhan, Valiya Keshavan, Nandan etc.

Elephants are one of the most loved and adored mammals. They are highly intelligent, relate well to people, are fun, social and helpful toward their own and other animals and mammals. we are going to explore more about elephants please watch and subscribe our channel | Follow this link to join Gajaveeran WhatsApp group::-

(Viewer discretion advised: some may find this footage disturbing)

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