elephant attack in kerala temple


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This video captures the terrifying moment an elephant went on the rampage during a festival in India. Elephants are one of the most loved and adored mammals. They are highly intelligent, relate well to people, are fun, social and helpful toward their own and other animals and mammals. we are going to explore more about elephants please watch and subscribe our channel https://goo.gl/tC8CCn | Follow this link to join Gajaveeran WhatsApp group::-https://goo.gl/Qiwu0n

(Viewer discretion advised: some may find this footage disturbing)

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2014-2015 kerala elpehant heights
Thechikotukavu Ramachandran 316 cm
chirakkal kalidasan 314cm
Thrikkadavoor shivaraju 311.3cm
Cherupplassery Rajasekharan 309.5 cm
Puthuppally Keshavan 309 cm
Guruvayoor Valiyakesavan 308.7 cm
Pambady Rajan 308.4 cm
Cherupplassery Anandhapadmanabhan 306.4 cm
Kuttankulangara arjunan 306 cm
Mangalamkunu Ayyappan 305.1 cm
Uttoly Anandhapadmanabhan 305.1 cm
Cherupplassery Parthan 305 cm
chirakkara sreeram 304 cm
Paramekavu sri padmanaban 303 cm
Guruvayoor Nandan 303 cm
Thiruvambady sivasundar 303 cm
Thiruvambady chandrashekaran 302 cm
kiran narayanankutty 302 cm
Ernakulam shivakumar 301 cm
Chembuthra devidasan 301 cm
Manissery raghuram 301 cm
Chullipparambil vishnushankar 300 cm
Ithithanam vishnunarayanan 300 cm
kongad kuttyshankaran 299 cm
Erattupetta ayappan 299 cm
Thiruvanikavu rajagopal 298.3 cm
Mangalamkunnu Karnan 298 cm
Mnagalamkunu ganapathy 298 cm
Guruvayoor padmanabhan 297 cm
Thiruvambady kuttishankaran 297.3 cm
Mangalamkunnu Saran ayappan 297 cm
Ambadiyil vinod 297 cm
Chethaloor Muraleekrishnan 296 cm
Manuswamimadam aadhinaarayanan 296 cm
Puthuppally Sadhu 296 cm
Madhurappuram kannan 296 cm
Nakerimana keshavan 296 cm
Pampady sundaran 295 cm
Guruvayoor Indrasen 295 cm
palattu Brahmadathan 294 cm
Velappally kuttishankaran 294 cm
Annamanda umamaheshwaran 294 cm
Nandilath arjunan 294 cm
Edakunni arjunan 294 cm
Chirakkal Mahadevan 294 cm
Chaitram achu 294 cm
Edakkalathur arjunan 293 cm
Thiruvambady arjun 292.3 cm
Ukkans kunju 292 cm
Nandilath gopalakrishnan 289 cm
Shankarankulangara manikandan 289 cm
Bastian Vinayasundar 287.8 cm
Konark ganapathy 286.3 cm
Malayalappuzha rajan 286 cm
Parannur Nandan 286 cm
Cheeroth cheriya Rajeev 286 cm
pattathanam keshavan 286 cm
Thechikotukavu devidasan 286 cm
Olarikkara kalidasan 286 cm
venattumattam ganeshan 285 cm
Keezhoottu Vishwanathan 285 cm
Puthrukkovil parthasarathy 285 cm
Nandilath padmanaban 284 cm
puthur devi nandanan 283.4 cm
Paramekavu devidasan 283 cm
Paramekavu rajendran 283 cm
Mullath ganapathi 282 cm
Chembukavu vijaykannan 282 cm
Pananjeri Neelakandan 281 cm
vembanad Arjunan 280 cm
Paramekavu narayanan 279 cm
Parapookavu kalidasan 279 cm
Adiyatt ayyappan 279 cm
puthuppally mahadevan 279 cm
Kuttankulangara Sreenivasan 278.4 cm
Mullath kailas 278 cm
Varadiyam jayaram 277 cm
ollukkara Jayaram 270 cm
Paramekavu kashinathan 263.3 cm
Kalarikkavu ambadikkannan 245 cm
Chirakkal Shivan 242 cm DISCLAIMER: This Channel Gajaveeran Does Not Promote Any illegal content ,
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