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Panchari Melam is a percussion ensemble, performed during temple festivals in Kerala, India. Panchari Melam (or, simply, panchari), is one of the major forms of chenda melam (ethnic drum ensemble), and is the best-known and most popular kshetram vadyam (temple percussion) genre. Panchari melam

The four lines define Panchavadyam. The basic rule is to use instruments in the category of thatham, vithatham, ghnanam (non-drum) amd sushiram (wind instrument). Traditionally, five instruments like chenda, kurumkuzhal, thimila, edakka, damanam were played. Besides, it is seen that some texts include veena, venu, mridangam, sanku, padahang also in the definition of Panchavadyam. Today, more than five instruments are played. Edakka, thimila and maddalam are commonly used. In addition to that, sanku and ilathalam or kombu and ilathalam are used in some places. Thimila, edakka and maddalam are charma instruments; kombu and sanku are sushira instruments, while ilathalam is a ghana instrument. Six different types of music blend together to create musical delight, ie. Panchavadyam.

In Panchavadyam there is no limit to the number of performers. But there are certain calculations as to the number of instruments to be played. The number of thimila is double that of maddalam plus one more, while kombu equals the number of thimila, the same number of ilathalam is required. For a short Panchavadyam, one edakka may be played. For a large Panchavadyam, two edakkas are played. However, one sanku (conch) would do. In rare cases one may see many conchs being blown.

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